Application Development

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The application development process, also commonly known as a software development life cycle (SDLC), generally encompasses the following:

  • Identifying a Need

    Determining if the need can be met by a software solution or not.
  • Analyzing Current Market Demands

    Researching applicable market demands that could be met with a software solution.
  • Proposing a Business Solution

    Business analysts propose solutions for meeting demand.
  • Planning a Software-Based Solution

    Software architects plan the development phases of software that will work in conjunction with the proposed business solution.
  • Implementation (Coding)

    The tactical act of implementing the solution into software.
  • Testing the Software
    (QA - Quality Assurance)

    Testing the product to assure quality before deploying it on behalf of the client.
  • Deployment

    Presenting product to the client as ready­to­use software.
  • Maintenance & Re-coding

    Post deployment evaluation, which determines that maintenance to the software product, was made to reach the solution. This step is commonly included in Waterfall approaches.

Agile vs Waterfall Approach

Methodologies of developing software can be divided into two categories: Agile and Waterfall. Waterfall is a structured approach that assesses risk and develops a complete plan for the software before coding. This avoids any edits or recoding until after the presentation of the completed product to the client, who will then be able to request changes. Agile software development focuses on responding to change instead of following a fully pre-set plan. This methodology requires constant collaboration with the client, yielding software that meets the client’s most important needs first, then evolves with maximum efficiency to cover the rest of them. At Blue Ocean Consulting, we use the right approach to encourage long-lasting partnerships focused on tailoring software to our clients’ unique business needs rather than selling software that is anything less than a custom fit.

Our extensive experience with these reliable methodologies on large-scale, data-centric, and mission-critical technology projects assures prospective clients of the profitable partnerships that have been made possible at Blue Ocean Consulting.

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